Example 1:<li> will not be reset with multi-<ol>

Analytical techniques
  1. how to analyse the use of resources in the past, and utilise the results to make recommendations on more effective use of resources in the future
  1. how to communicate effectively with team members, colleagues and line managers
  2. how to develop and argue an effective case for changes in the management of resources
Another damn subheading
  1. item
  2. some more text
  3. ...etc

Example 2:多级编号

  1. Introduction
    1. what is XHTML 2?
      1. Design Aims
      2. Backwards compatibility
        1. 从前
        2. 现在
        3. 今后
      3. Linking
    2. Major Differences with XHTML 1
    3. What are XHTML 2 Modules?
  2. Terms and Definitions
  3. Conformance Definition
  4. The XHTML 2.0 Document Type
    1. The html element
    2. The head element
    3. The title element
  5. XHTML Attribute Collections


本页示例按照XHTML 1.0 Strict 和 CSS2 ( w3c 关于 counter 部分的说明) 规范标准设计。目前仅有 Opera 8Firefox 1.5 (firefox 1.5 beta 1 对例一是否存在错误解释还有待向 Mozilla 反馈后确认)及以上版本能展示其中 CSS2 设计内容。

相关文章请参看 CSS2 中 Counter (计数器)的应用。具体应用您可以直接查看本页源码。