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有很多网友问及文件名各部分是什么意思,以及质量如何。也看见有网友发表关于电影发布版本术语的解释,尚有不确切的地方。比如PROPER并不代表质量完美,TS 或Telesync并非指从放影机转制。其实Telesync和CAM都是用digital camera或camcorder在影院录制(俗称枪版),质量起伏很大。



A cam is a theater rip usually done with a digital video camera. A mini tripod is sometimes used, but a lot of the time this wont be possible, so the camera make shake. Also seating placement isn’t always idle, and it might be filmed from an angle. If cropped properly, this is hard to tell unless there’s text on the screen, but a lot of times these are left with triangular borders on the top and bottom of the screen. Sound is taken from the onboard microphone of the camera, and especially in comedies, laughter can often be heard during the film. Due to these factors picture and sound quality are usually quite poor, but sometimes we’re lucky, and the theater will be fairly empty and a fairly clear signal will be heard.



A telesync is the same spec as a CAM except it uses an external audio source (most likely an audio jack in the chair for hard of hearing people). A direct audio source does not ensure a good quality audio source, as a lot of background noise can interfere. A lot of the times a telesync is filmed in an empty cinema or from the projection booth with a professional camera, giving a better picture quality. Quality ranges drastically, check the sample before downloading the full release. A high percentage of Telesyncs are CAMs that have been mislabeled.

除了使用外置的音源(一般是影院座椅上为听力不好的人设的耳机孔),TELESYSNC(TS) 和CAM的标准是相同的。这个直接的音源并不能保证是好的音源,这是它因为受到很多背景噪音的干扰。很多时候TS是在空的影院录制,或是用专业摄像机在投影室录制,所以图象质量可能比CAM好。质量的起伏可能很大,在下载前最好查看SAMPLE。很大比例的TS是从CAM错误标记成。


A telecine machine copies the film digitally from the reels. Sound and picture should be very good, but due to the equipment involved and cost telecines are fairly uncommon. Generally the film will be in correct aspect ratio, although 4:3 telecines have existed. A great example is the JURASSIC PARK 3 TC done last year. TC should not be confused with TimeCode , which is a visible counter on screen throughout the film.

TELECINE (TC)使用电视电影机从胶片直接数字拷贝,其图象和声音质量应该很好。但由于使用的设备和费用很高,TC很少见。通常会使用正确的高宽比,但有时也有4:3的 TC。去年的侏罗纪公园III是一个很好的例子。不应将TC和TimeCode(时间码)混淆,时间码是一个在屏幕上可见的计数器。


A pre VHS tape, sent to rental stores, and various other places for promotional use. A screener is supplied on a VHS tape, and is usually in a 4:3 (full screen) a/r, although letterboxed screeners are sometimes found. The main draw back is a “ticker” (a message that scrolls past at the bottom of the screen, with the copyright and anti-copy telephone number). Also, if the tape contains any serial numbers, or any other markings that could lead to the source of the tape, these will have to be blocked, usually with a black mark over the section. This is sometimes only for a few seconds, but unfortunately on some copies this will last for the entire film, and some can be quite big. Depending on the equipment used, screener quality can range from excellent if done from a MASTER copy, to very poor if done on an old VHS recorder thru poor capture equipment on a copied tape. Most screeners are tran**erred to VCD, but a few attempts at SVCD have occurred, some looking better than others.

SCREENER(SCR)是在电影发行VHS录象带之前送到录象出租店及其他地方用做促销目的。SCREENER使用VHS录象带,通常使用4:3(全屏)的高宽比,但有时也会有LETTERBOXED(1.85:1宽银幕) SCREENER. 主要的缺点是有“TICKER”(在屏幕下方滚动的消息,包含版权和反盗版电话号码)。同时,如果录象带包含任何序列号或可以导致查出录象带来源的记号,这些记号必须被遮掉,通常使用一个黑斑遮住上述部位。有时这些记号只出现几秒钟,有时也可能不幸在怎个电影中出现,而且有时会很大。根据使用的设备,SCREENER的质量可能是极好,如果是从原版拷贝;也可能很差,如果是从翻录的拷贝录制,同时又使用很烂的捕捉设备和录象机。大多数的SCREENER被转制成VCD,现在也出现了SVCD;有些看起来比另一些好。


Same premise as a screener, but tran**erred off a DVD. Usually letterbox , but without the extras that a DVD retail would contain. The ticker is not usually in the black bars, and will disrupt the viewing. If the ripper has any skill, a DVDscr should be very good. Usually tran**erred to SVCD or DivX/XviD.


DVDRip -

A copy of the final released DVD. If possible this is released PRE retail (for example, Star Wars episode 2) again, should be excellent quality. DVDrips are released in SVCD and DivX/XviD.


VHSRip -

Tran**erred off a retail VHS, mainly skating/sports videos and XXX releases.


TVRip -

TV episode that is either from Network (capped using digital cable/satellite boxes are preferable) or PRE-AIR from satellite feeds sending the program around to networks a few days earlier (do not contain “dogs” but sometimes have flickers etc) Some programs such as WWF Raw Is War contain extra parts, and the “dark matches” and camera/commentary tests are included on the rips. PDTV is capped from a digital TV PCI card, generally giving the best results, and groups tend to release in SVCD for these. VCD/SVCD/DivX/XviD rips are all supported by the TV scene.

从电视(最好是从数码有线电视/卫星电视捕捉)转制的电视剧,或接收由卫星提前几天向电视网传送的预播节目(不包含加密但有时有雪花)。有些节目,比如 WWF RAW IS WAR包含多余的部分;”DARK MATCHES”和CAMERA/COMMENTARY测试被包含在TVRip里。PDTV是从PCI数码电视卡捕捉,通常效果最好;破解组织倾向于使用 SVCD来发布。VCD/SVCD/DivX/XviD rips也都被用于发布TVRip。


A workprint is a copy of the film that has not been finished. It can be missing scenes, music, and quality can range from excellent to very poor. Some WPs are very different from the final print (Men In Black is missing all the aliens, and has actors in their places) and others can contain extra scenes (Jay and Silent Bob) . WPs can be nice additions to the collection once a good quality final has been obtained.

WORKPRITN(WP)是从未完成的电影拷贝转制而成,可能会缺失镜头和音乐。质量可能从最好到很差。有些WP可能和最终版本相差很远。(MEN IN BLACK的WP丢失了所有的外星人,代之以演员);另一些则包括多余的镜头(Jay and Silent Bob). WPs可以作为有了好质量的最终版本后的附加收藏。

DivX Re-Enc -

A DivX re-enc is a film that has been taken from its original VCD source, and re-encoded into a small DivX file. Most commonly found on file sharers, these are usually labeled something like Film.Name.Group(1of2) etc. Common groups are SMR and TND. These aren’t really worth downloading, unless you’re that unsure about a film u only want a 200mb copy of it. Generally avoid.

DivXRe-Enc是从原始VCD发布用DivX编码成的小一些的文件。通常可在文件共享网络找到。它们通常以Film.Name.Group (1of2)等形式命名。常见的发布组织有SMR和TND。这些版本通常不值得下载,除非你不清楚某部电影,只想要200MB的版本。一般应避免。

Watermarks -

A lot of films come from Asian Silvers/PDVD (see below) and these are tagged by the people responsible. Usually with a letter/initials or a little logo, generally in one of the corners. Most famous are the “Z” “A” and “Globe” watermarks.

很多从Asian Silvers/PDVD (参看下面)来的电影带有制作人的标记。通常是一个字母,名字缩写或图标,位于屏幕一角。最有名的是”Z”,”A”和”Globe”.

Asian Silvers / PDVD -

These are films put out by eastern bootleggers, and these are usually bought by some groups to put out as their own. Silvers are very cheap and easily available in a lot of countries, and its easy to put out a release, which is why there are so many in the scene at the moment, mainly from smaller groups who don’t last more than a few releases. PDVDs are the same thing pressed onto a DVD. They have removable subtitles, and the quality is usually better than the silvers. These are ripped like a normal DVD, but usually released as VCD.

Asian Silvers / PDVD是亚洲盗版商发行影片的,通常被一些发布组织购买来当做他们自己的发布。Silvers很便宜,在很多国家都很容易找到。发布Silvers很容易,所以现在有很多发布,主要是由一些小的组织发布;这些组织通常发布几个RELEASE后就不见了。PDVD和Silver一样,不过是压在DVD上。 PDVD通常有外挂字幕,质量也比Silver好。PDVD象普通的DVD一样转制,但通常用VCD的格式发布。

Scene Tags(发布文件的标志)


Due to scene rules, whoever releases the first Telesync has won that race (for example). But if the quality of that release is fairly poor, if another group has another telesync (or the same source in higher quality) then the tag PROPER is added to the folder to avoid being duped. PROPER is the most subjective tag in the scene, and a lot of people will generally argue whether the PROPER is better than the original release. A lot of groups release PROPERS just out of desperation due to losing the race. A reason for the PROPER should always be included in the NFO.

根据发布规则,最先发布Telesync (TS)的组织赢得(TS发布的)比赛。但是,如果这个发布版本质量很差,同时另一组织有另一TS版本(或质量更好的同一片源),那么标记PROPER被加到目录上以避免重复。PROPER是一个最主观的标记,很多人会争论是否PROPER比原始发布版本好。很多发布组织只不过因为输掉了发布比赛而发布 PROPER。发布PROPER的原因因该总是包含在NFO文件里。


In the case of a VCD, if a release is subbed, it usually means it has hard encoded subtitles burnt throughout the movie. These are generally in malaysian/chinese/thai etc, and sometimes there are two different languages, which can take up quite a large amount of the screen. SVCD supports switch able subtitles, so some DVDRips are released with switch able subs. This will be mentioned in the NFO file if included.



When a film has had a subbed release in the past, an Unsubbed release may be released



A limited movie means it has had a limited theater run, generally opening in less than 250 theaters, generally smaller films (such as art house films) are released as limited.



An internal release is done for several reasons. Classic DVD groups do a lot of .INTERNAL. releases, as they wont be dupe’d on it. Also lower quality theater rips are done INTERNAL so not to lower the reputation of the group, or due to the amount of rips done already. An INTERNAL release is available as normal on the groups affiliate sites, but they can’t be traded to other sites without request from the site ops. Some INTERNAL releases still trickle down to IRC/Newsgroups, it usually depends on the title and the popularity. Earlier in the year people referred to Centropy going “internal”. This meant the group were only releasing the movies to their members and site ops. This is in a different context to the usual definition.

INTERNAL发布有几个原因。经典的DVD组织有很多.INTERNAL.发布版本,这样不会引起混淆。同时,低质量的发布会加以INTERNAL标记,这样不会降低发布组织的声誉,或由于已经发布的数量。INTERNAL发布可以正常的在组织的会员网站上获取,但没有其他网站管理员的要求它们不可以被交换到其他网站。一些TERNAL发布仍然流到IRC/NEWSGROUP,这通常取决于电影及其流行度。今年早些时候,人们把CENTROPY做为 INTERNAL。这表示发布组织只向其会员和网站管理员发布。这和其通常意思不同。


Straight To Video. Was never released in theaters, and therefore a lot of sites do not allow these.



These are *WS* for widescreen (letterbox) and *FS* for Fullscreen.



A recode is a previously released version, usually filtered through TMPGenc to remove subtitles, fix color etc. Whilst they can look better, its not looked upon highly as groups are expected to obtain their own sources.



If a group releases a bad rip, they will release a Repack which will fix the problems.



A film can be nuked for various reasons. Individual sites will nuke for breaking their rules (such as “No Telesyncs”) but if the film has something extremely wrong with it (no soundtrack for 20mins, CD2 is incorrect film/game etc) then a global nuke will occur, and people trading it across sites will lose their credits. Nuked films can still reach other sources such as p2p/usenet, but its a good idea to check why it was nuked first in case. If a group realise there is something wrong, they can request a nuke.

一个发布可能因为多种原因被NUKE掉。有些网站会因为违犯他们的规则而NUKE发布(比如不允许发布TS版本)。但如果发布的版本有很大的问题(如20 分钟没有声音,CD2是错误的电影或游戏),那么所有的网站都会NUKE这个发布。在这些网站上交换NUKED版本的人会失掉他们的信誉。但NUKED发布仍然可以通过P2P/USENET传播,所以应该总是首先找到其被NUKE的原因以防万一。如果发布组织发觉他们的发布有问题,他们可以要求NUKE。

NUKE REASONS :: this is a list of common reasons a film can be nuked for (generally DVDRip)


  • ** BAD A/R ** :: bad aspect ratio, ie people appear too fat/thin
  • ** BAD IVTC ** :: bad inverse telecine. process of converting framerates was incorrect.
  • ** INTERLACED ** :: black lines on movement as the field order is incorrect.
    移动的黑线,由于field order不正确。


Dupe is quite simply, if something exists already, then theres no reason for it to exist again without proper reason.



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