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Kubrick的作者Michael先是在苦恼中挂了几天白板,终于在昨天重新释放了一个新风格,并把它命名为Freya,同时他自己也开始升级到WP 1.3的Nightly版本。看起来和Kubrick的变化不是很大,主要是配色,和Sidebar部分,他自己也说了Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed。自WP1.2开始,Kubrick恐怕是流传的比较广泛的一个风格,WP官方还曾一度想把它纳为官方默认模板,并引来了很大的争论(我前面写过)。由于是弄的比较仓促,Michael还在慢慢修改和完善一些地方。




  1. khaled Comments @ 23:34:44 on 2004-11-22

    Hello there, I can’t say I actually understand your post completely as I ran it through babelfish, but I’d just like to clarify that I had no participation in the discussions regarding Kubrick. My name is Khaled Abou Alfa, and I asked Root about helping me out with Chameleon, without knowing that the shit was hitting the fan over Kubrick, I later found all of this out. I have never posted anything regarding the subject as I don’t know what the deal is from both sides.

    But you’re right I’ve had to delay the release of Chameleon, but it will be coming out very soon.

  2. Dark Comments @ 00:15:17 on 2004-11-23

    sorry, my post means Kubrick is a good style, now his Freya is coming, and i think Chameleon is a cool style too. I’m just talking about some good templates. :) Yes, i know that Chameleon isnot related to Kubrick. u misunderstood.

  3. khaled Comments @ 00:58:25 on 2004-11-23

    Hey sorry about the misunderstanding, it’s all in the translation :) . I was just looking through my technocrati link and I came across your post so I thought, hey have to find out what the deal was :) .

    Thanks it’s cool to be linked in the same category as Kubrick even though I haven’t released it yet, but I think it’ll be another template for wordpress make it more appealing to more users. And as a thing I can give back to the wordpress community.

  4. Allan Comments @ 10:16:41 on 2004-11-23


  5. Dark Comments @ 11:15:23 on 2004-11-23

    Khaled, yes i noticed that Chameleon will be delayed. Chmaeleon may be a popular cool template i believe.