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Excellent Innovations in Firefox 1.0

The upcoming 1.0 version of Firefox has several new features and user interface enhancements to further improve it’s excellent usability and design.

Firefox Features Screenshot
Firefox has incorporated the “Find” dialog into the the main browser window rather than having a little popup come up. Not only can you do the typical find previous and next within a page, but you can quickly highlight found instances.

Popup blocking has also improved. Instead of just placing a small “!” at the bottom of the screen, you now get a more noticable, yet non intrusive, dialog at the top of the page. This is great for people new to the feature who may never notice the “!” and just assume that the website is broken if they miss a requested or expected popup.

Firefox now also detects RSS feeds and displays an orange “RSS” icon at the bottom of the browser. Right now clicking it shows the feeds and gives you the option of bookmarking them. Hopefully in the future that functionality will improve even more to have some of the features that the upcoming version of Safari will have.

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  1. Frank Comments @ 17:53:38 on 2004-09-12

    wish it is coming soon :)