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Flock Developer Preview 面世


今天收到Flock的mail:“We can’t wait any longer. Today, we are pleased to invite you to try what will very soon become the Flock Developer Preview.”信中提供的下载地址还有口令认证,但现在似乎任何人都可以下载试用了。



Flock是一个基于Firefox的浏览器。Flock 被描绘成“Social web browser”,不像微软的IE浏览器,Flock的浏览器是针对Web 2.0的,当前互联网用户对被动地浏览网络媒体内容并不满意。

Flock期望将浏览器打造成为网络协助、Blog、共享图片以及网络团体聚会的平台。该公司的创始人和首席执行官Bart Decrem表示,Web网页不应该仅仅是文档等内容的载体,更是事件和人们聚会的平台,带有社交的色彩,为此用户将花费更多的时间在网上。


  • The Blog Manager
  • The Flickr Topbar
  • RSS integration
  • Favorites with integration
  • The Shelf
  • History Search


Flock才刚刚发布Developer Preview版本,肯定还有很多不完善的地方。比如安装完Flock后的Readme中就提到:

  • Flock still doesn’t import your Firefox or IE favorites
  • Flock does support Flash, but other plug-ins have NOT been tested
  • While we have ten or so of the most popular Firefox extensions working, we need to come up a way to make most Firefox extensions working in Flock and/or cajole extension authors to make their extensions work with Flock.目前在Extend页面有10种插件可用。
  • Firefox themes do not work with Flock
  • clear Private Data doesn’t work for History Search results. There’s no way to make Flock lose your history search index in this build (yeah, we’re going to try to fix that over the next day or two)
  • If you’re sharing your bookmarks, you’ll get prompted to enter your user ID and password every time you boot up Flock. Super annoying
  • Choice! We like it as much as you do, but we must crawl before we can walk. While we support a number of blogging platforms, we don’t yet offer a choice of social bookmark services or photo sharing services
  • Blogging platforms: WordPress and Blogger work pretty well.
  • Movable Type 3.2 doesn’t work. Other versions of Movable Type, and should work
  • Bad things happen if you say “Yes, share my bookmarks” and then don’t enter account info



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    * 导入代理
    * 编辑代理
    * 状态栏提示
    * 下拉切换
    * 单击开关代理
    release notes:

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